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Why engage with the lab?

The AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® commission is united by a common cultural mission to ‘work together to tell the story of the motoring heritage'. It unites all individuals who have a stake in the project to ensure an effective dialogue between the owners of cars (manufacturers, coachbuilders, museums, collections and collectors) and all contributors at both a strategic and practical level.
AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® is a facilitator of innovation and a catalyst for change.
The lab is the virtual place to share new ideas and important results through its exhibitions.
Every individual who contributes data or knowledge to the lab is encouraged to join the project.
It is important that members of the project are actively engaged with AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab®. To fully benefit from the knowledge-sharing potential of the lab, we expect, for example, contribution of information on 'work in progress' virtual exhibitions or future exhibitions.

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