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What is the challenge?

It is a task no one had ever thought of taking on before and which has never been done previously: a project able to make a real change to the motoring heritage as we know it today. Until now nobody has tried to digitize and bring together the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES outside the specific registers, model books, specialist research: this is an all-embracing archive, based on in-depth analysis and cross-referencing.
The project will focus on cars in this launch phase, later on it will include other fine vehicles or objects that are often sought after by motoring collectors.
A team of several international experts, often FIVA stewards, for every different make will certify the eligibility and authenticity of the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES.
In addition, Official Brand Museums or Classic Departments and Coachbuilders will also be involved to give their expert opinion.
An international commission able to gather together the world the true AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES. Only if and when all the protagonists involved give the «green light» will the car be accepted. Then, for every specific check on car entries in modern events, the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® will involve the same event organizations to get their endorsement. The evaluation phase will need an adequate amount of time in order for it to be done properly.
AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® makes possible the management of a very substantial file of interesting and outstanding vehicles.
The process of evaluation is completely computerized.

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