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What is AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab®?

It's a cultural catalyst to promote the collective enjoyment of the heritage of the motor vehicle whether for pleasure, learning or work.

The mission: To involve manufacturers, coachbuilders, museums, collections and collectors to tell the story of the heritage of the motor vehicle in a joint virtual display of genuine masterpieces. To improve the historical research on cars and on companies, on the people and on the events related their history.

The vision: We believe in making the motoring heritage openly accessible in a digital way, to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as through exhibitions.

The objectives: To trace the history of all specific chassis through dedicated website. Our plan is to create virtual exhibitions to celebrate anniversaries and specific themes, with the aim to eventually turn them - at least in part - into real exhibitions and/or illustrated catalogues.

The strategic road map:

- to work with manufacturers, coachbuilders, museums, collections, collectors, archives and libraries to supply all the necessary data input and make the census sustainable
- to bring masterpieces whose information have already been digitized into the portal
- to encourage and support the digitization of more masterpieces
- to make the motoring heritage available through the web portal
- to create new ways for people to engage with their motoring heritage

The project could not exist or continue to develop without the help and support of its many contributors: historians, experts, journalists, registers, clubs and partners. They join the project for a range of reasons, the key one being knowledge sharing.

We are a growing network to create a library of AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES.

The information is available in English. The website is being continually updated for content and technology.

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