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General Conditions of Use

Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. (‘Automotive Masterpieces’ or ‘AM’) manages Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab (, a web portal intended as an international cultural catalyst to promote the collective enjoyment of the heritage of the motor vehicle and historical research whether it is for pleasure, learning or work purposes.

Mission - to involve manufacturers, bodybuilders, museums, collections and collectors to narrate the historic heritage of the motor vehicle showing true masterpieces together.
Vision - to make the motoring heritage openly digitally accessible and enjoyable to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge, including through the display of masterpieces.
Aims - to create virtual exhibitions celebrating anniversaries and specific topics connected to motoring heritage with the aim of developing it, at least partly, in real exhibitions and/or illustrated books.
The portal enables members to display their collectors’ cars corresponding to the requirements of rarity as specified in greater detail below on the web. Ownership can remain anonymous, be indicated by a nickname or be published. In the second and third instances mentioned above, the cars in the collection can be grouped together. In all cases, the member can correspond with all other members.
The services offered by Automotive Masterpieces include any URL with the Automotive Masterpieces brand (the ‘Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab site’), the services of historical research, visibility and promotion, car valuation and inclusion in the Automotive Masterpieces virtual exhibitions, and the international calendar of events, and any other function connected with the work of the project, contents and/or application offered from time to time by Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. and/or its sponsors and commercial partners in relation to its work (collectively, the ‘Automotive Masterpieces Services’). The Automotive Masterpieces Services are hosted in Italy.
The portal carries out its function of Multimedia Web Magazine through the virtual shows and news.


These general Contract conditions (‘General Provisions’ or ‘GP’) define the legally binding terms regulating and applied to the use of the Automotive Masterpieces Services. By accessing and using the Automotive Masterpieces Services, the User undertakes to respect the terms of this Contract; this commitment applies to ‘Visitors’ (i.e. those who just explore the Automotive Masterpieces Services, for example, with a portable or wireless device, or those who, however, use the Automotive Masterpieces Services without being registered), ‘Members’ (those who leave their data for the receipt of the newsletter and so that they can save their research), and ‘Registering Members’ (who register a vehicle on Automotive Masterpieces entrusts the company with the procedures for making such a registration). The term ‘User’ refers to Visitors, Members and Registering Members. The User is authorised to use the Automotive Masterpieces Services (irrespective of whether access or use is intentional or not) if they undertake to respect all the regulations and laws in force (‘Applicable Law’) and the terms set out in this Contract. Further, those who wish to become a Member and/or use the Automotive Masterpieces Services are required to indicate their acceptance of the Contract during the registration. 

Automotive Masterpieces reserves the right to amend this Contract as necessary and at any time; each amendment shall be valid with effect from its publication of the Automotive Masterpieces site. Substantial amendments cannot be applied retroactively. By renewing the membership and continuing to use the Automotive Masterpieces Services thus amended, the User tacitly accepts the amended version of the Contract which can be consulted at the link and is bound by the amended Contract. As a result, it is important that the User periodically rereads the published Contract. The User who does not intend to commit themselves to the conditions of the Contract or the provisions of the Applicable Law must immediately cease using the Automotive Masterpieces Services and notify the termination of their registration.


1. Requisites for registration in Automotive Masterpieces

Registration in Automotive Masterpieces presumes that the collector, whether a natural person or legal entity, has the ownership, possession, or detention of the automobiles for which registration on the web portal is requested. The vehicles to be registered on Automotive Masterpieces must fall into at least one of the following categories of eligibility:

A. Concept and show cars,

B. Prototypes,

C. One-off models,

D. The remaining cars from extremely limited productions,

E. Historic event cars - cars made famous by taking part in historical rallies, competitions, races, concourses, motor shows, etc.,

F. Cars owned by the famous - cars belonging to famous drivers, actors, actress, industrialists, politicians, aristocrats, sportsmen, artists, etc.,

G. Team cars,

H. Works cars,

I. Press cars,

J. Movie cars (cars that have appeared in films or TV series),

K. Famous chassis cars (cars with the first or last chassis number and/or the earliest surviving or most recently built example remaining of a particular model),

L. Limited edition cars (less than 300 units built or remained).

The member must state all the data that Automotive Masterpieces requests for the purposes of the registration of the vehicle such as, for example, chassis number, engine number, the names of previous owners, the events in which the vehicle has taken part, articles in which the vehicle has appeared, photographs and documents relating to the vehicle and, in general, all the documentation pertaining to the history of the vehicle.
The member must state that they are over 18 years of age and therefore an adult for Italian law.
Registration can be revoked by Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. at any time if even just one of requirements through which registration has been accepted for the Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab portal is missing or if, after the publication of a vehicle on the site, elements that cast doubts on the authenticity emerge. This is in order to guarantee the greatest transparency of Automotive Masterpieces to all users (Visitors, Members and Registering Members) and compliance of the data declared by members with that published on the vehicles.

2. Registration procedure, historical research, publication and updating of the website

The registration procedure in Automotive Masterpieces sets out:

1. Registration on the portal.
2. Registration of a vehicle with the compilation of all the data relating to the owner and the choice of whether the vehicle is shown as a private collection, with the name and nation of the owner or by using a nickname.
3. Compilation of all the data of the vehicle.
4. Once the User has notified the data so that the vehicle can be evaluated, s/he must make payment of the registration fee by credit card or bank transfer for each vehicle for which registration is required, except for any exemptions. Registration is valid for one calendar year from the date of publication of the vehicle/s on the web portal.
5. Once payment has been received, and assuming that the User has completed all the compulsory fields required for valuation purposes, each vehicle shall be subjected to the final decision of a specific commission for the brand or model to be valued consisting of historians and experts of proven experience chosen for the purpose in complete and absolute autonomy by Automotive Masterpieces. Sometimes, members of car manufacturers and bodybuilders may be part of the commission. The commission shall have the task of giving a valuation and checking all the eligibility requisites stated by the member; the procedure shall be considered completed with the unanimous response of the aforesaid commission.
6. The valuation and checking procedure shall last a maximum of 12 months. After this period has elapsed without the conclusion of the valuation and checking procedure, Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. shall arrange for the return of the subscription fee without interest, unless the User notifies a request for the continuation of the valuation and checking procedure, without additional costs, within 15 days of the e-mail notification sent by Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. The site of the vehicle shall not be operative and visible on-line in the portal until the valuation and checking procedure has been completed in the terms and methods indicated above. In any case, the activation costs of the valuation and checking procedure (by way of example, bank charges, back-end management, etc.) shall remain the exclusive responsibility of Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l.
7. Once the above valuation and checking procedure has been successfully passed, the site of the vehicle shall be published in the portal and the member shall be notified by e-mail. The site of the vehicle may not contain all the material supplied but only that selected and approved by the commission at its sole discretion. Purely by way of example, the information not supported by suitable documentary proof may not be published.
8. Once published on the site, the car is considered counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES. User may submit any supplements to the commission for evaluation in turn before their publication. 

9. The fee include a historical research consultancy. The activity begins from the material possessed by the owner and has the aim to reconstruct the past and recent history of the car.

The activity will include:

- Reordering, classification and digitization of existing material and found during the following research activity;

- Defining the sequence of owners and events;

- Research at photo and video archives;

- Research at documentation archives (Events, newspapers and magazines, etc.);

- Research at registers, experts, ex-owners, drivers, restorers, etc. who may have information;

During the historical research process, the on-line publication of the car’s web site is an essential part since it helps the finding of information / contacts from those who follow the project assiduously.

Historical research can not guarantee by their nature certain results and can not be performed at a predetermined time. However, it is of interest to AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES S.r.l. carry forward the historical research of the cars both before and after their publication.

The Member grants Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. the authorisation to publish the vehicle/s in the virtual exhibitions related to it with registration in the portal. In addition, unless otherwise chosen in the registration form, s/he grants Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. the authorisation to publish advertising banners on each vehicle site.

The User states that s/he is aware and accepts that the graphic layout of each vehicle site may undergo updates.

3. Entry fees

The User recognises that Automotive Masterpieces has the right to demand a payment for its services and to vary the amount of any payment or renewal when it considers opportune and at its discretion. If Automotive Masterpieces revokes the membership following a breach of this Contract by the Member, s/he shall not have the right to reimbursement of the part not used of (any) payments made. 

The project is based on the following fees:

Euro 1000 + VAT if due (1st year on line) - advance payment at the beginning of the work

- Form fill out and website creation

- 1st year historical research consultancy 

- 1st year car included among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES  

- Participation at exhibitions lab 

Euro 150 + VAT if due (Renewal from the 2nd year onwards) - from 2018.

- Maintaining car’s web site

- Updating car's events

- Continuation of historical research consultancy

- Participation at exhibitions lab 

Non-mandatory quotation services following quotation:

- Scanning documents of the car

- Photo shooting of the car

- Dossier paper of the car


- Rights of the photos, videos and documents with copyrights

Fees imply the presence of sponsors and banner ads.

For collectors who wish to enter the data autonomously, first year fees will be half and no historical research is provided.

In-line, adequate sponsors shall be sought for every websites and virtual exhibitions who shall assist Automotive Masterpieces to cover the costs of technology, the curators, the graphics, promotion and management of the project.

For collectors who ho do not wish the presence of sponsors ads or banners, fees will be doubled.  


Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. signs co-operation agreements with car manufacturers, bodybuilders, museums, dealers and auction houses which provide for different payments and agreements.

4. Duration of the registration and renewals

Registration on the Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab portal lasts as follows:

- for registrations where the on-line publication on the portal shall take place from 1 January to 31 October of each year, the registration shall be valid for a calendar year (i.e. up to 31 December of the year in progress), except for any renewal.
- for registrations where the on-line publication on the portal shall take place after 1 November of each year, the registration shall last for the subsequent calendar year (i.e. up to 31 December of the following year), except for any renewal.

The Contract is understood to be automatically renewed for a further 12 months unless the parties cancel not less than two months from the expiry. Any increases in the fees shall be notified promptly to Members (by at most the month preceding the expiry of the term for the renewal) who can therefore decide whether to renew the Contract or not through payment of the fee or written notification to Automotive Masterpieces.

5. Password

On registration, the User shall be requested to choose a password. The Member is wholly responsible for the confidentiality of the password. The Member undertakes never to use the account, user-name, e-mail address or password of other Members and not to divulge her/his password to third parties. The Member also undertakes to notify Automotive Masterpieces immediately if s/he suspects that an unauthorised access to her/her account or password has occurred. Responsibility for use of the account, in any form, is wholly that of the Member.

6. Limitation of liability

Automotive Masterpieces reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject, refuse to publish or remove anything published by the Member (also, for example, photos, messages, etc.), or deny, limit, suspend or cancel access to all or part of Automotive Masterpieces Services at any time, with or without notice or explanation, without incurring penalties or sanctions if, at its exclusive discretion, it ascertains that this has breached this Contract or that it forms a threat for Automotive Masterpieces, its employees, commercial partners, the Users and/or public in general, or has published documents, photos and images with threatening or pornographic contents, incitement to hate or violence, naked images or severe or gratuitous violence or of political parties and ideological movements.

Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. has the right to reject, refuse to publish or remove any contents for any reason or without reason, for example, if the contents, in the unquestionable judgement of Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. contravene the conditions of this Contract or are offensive or illegal, violate the rights of natural persons or legal entities, or damage or threaten the safety of natural persons or legal entities.

If revocation is ordered by Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. for the above reasons, the company shall retain the membership fee and any renewal as penalty, reserving the right in any case to act for the compensation of all patrimonial and non-patrimonial damages and to the image against the Member. Further, Automotive Masterpieces reserves the right, in its unquestionable judgement, to re-assign or re-name the URL of the Member’s profile and/or relative vehicles. Automotive Masterpieces specifically reserves the right to remove the Member’s profile and/or deny, limit, suspend or cancel access by the Member to all or part of Automotive Masterpieces Services if, at its exclusive discretion, it ascertains that s/he has breached this Contract or this Contract shall remain in force, including, without limitations, Arts. 5-18, also after the revocation of membership.

7. Use by Members

The Automotive Masterpieces Services are intended for personal use by Members and may only be used for direct commercial purposes if they have obtained the specific endorsement or authorisation of Automotive Masterpieces. The company reserves the right to remove any commercial contents from the site at its exclusive discretion. All unlawful and/or unauthorised use of Automotive Masterpieces Services is prohibited including, without limitation, the collection of Users’ names, user ID codes and/or members’ e-mail addresses with electronic or other means, with the intention of sending unrequested e-mails or to enter Automotive Masterpieces Services in frames or via links in their sites, or to use promotional sites or third party software for the paid promotion of profiles. Automotive Masterpieces reserves the right to take the appropriate legal action, including, for example, report to the relevant authorities, in the event of unlawful or unauthorised use of the Automotive Masterpieces Services.

8. Intellectual property and third party contents

The User states, on her/her own responsibility that they are the owner, or have received authorisation from the owners of the intellectual property, of images, photos, videos, documents and anything else uploaded in the form with the intention of publishing it on the site by the User who, by accepting the general conditions of this Contract, authorises Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. to make public all the contents uploaded in the form. Accordingly, Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. is thus relieved of all civil, criminal, administrative, patrimonial and non-patrimonial liability by the User for a use not previously authorised of documents, images, photos, videos, etc. that has been published on the site. This waiver is also valid if the Member should ask Automotive Masterpieces to upload the material on the form on her/his behalf, sending it by e-mail or any other support. The User undertakes to pay any royalties, fees and other costs due to natural persons or legal entities for the use of contents published by her/him on or through Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab.

Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and undertakes to help them protect their rights. These provisions prohibit Users and Members from publishing contents in breach of the intellectual property rights of third parties. When it receives valid documentation of a presumed breach of intellectual property, Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. shall immediately arrange for the removal or deactivation of the access to the site and the contents which are the subject of the breach. If the situation so requires, Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. shall close the site.

Users are prohibited from harming or seeking to harm the rights of others in terms of privacy, publicity, copyright, commercial brands, contractual rights or those of any other nature or publicly divulge information that puts the privacy or safety of third parties at risk.

9. Industrial property rights, brands and distinctive signs

The User specifically knows in advance the s/he cannot claim any right on brands named Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab.

The User recognises that, except for the rights arising from this Contract, s/he has no right or authorisation to use the registered brand Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab. The User undertakes to use the brand Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab only within the limits set out by this Contract and to not claim the ownership, licence or any other title. In addition, s/he undertakes not to deposit or use names, brands or other distinctive signs in combination with the name or registered brand Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab and/or that can be graphically confused with it. The brand Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab cannot in any way be used or appear in any companies, company names or any brands of the User or in combinations of words except for and limited to the rights of the User arising from this Contract.

10. Exclusive property rights on the contents in Automotive Masterpieces

Automotive Masterpieces does not claim rights of ownership on the texts, files, images, photos, videos, sounds, musical works, applications or other material (collectively the ‘Contents’) sent, submitted, visualised or published by Users on, through or in relation to Automotive Masterpieces Services. The User maintains any rights to their Contents published on, through or in relation to the site of her/his vehicle published on Automotive Masterpieces, except for the authorisations given by the User in execution of this Contract.

11. Connected Services of third parties

The Connected Services created by third party developer may be available on, through or in relation to Automotive Masterpieces Services. The Connected Services include applications, sites, desktop services, wireless, mobile and other types made available by third parties, which may be installed on the Automotive Masterpieces profile by the Member, shared with other Users in Automotive Masterpieces Services or connected to the Automotive Masterpieces account by the Member from outside the Automotive Masterpieces Services. The Connected Services can use the information, friends and/or other contents of the Member’s profile in the Connected Services and share events between Automotive Masterpieces and the Connected Services (based on the function that the Connected Services choose to make available). When the Member uses a Connected Service of third parties, s/he interacts with that party, not with Automotive Masterpieces. Automotive Masterpieces does not have any control over third parties nor can it condition their actions. If the Member chooses to use a Connected Service of third parties, such Service may use and share the Member’s data in compliance with the settings on privacy relating to the service in question. Further, the third parties who supply Connected Services may use other parties to supply parts of the application or the service to the Member such as, for example, technology, development or paid services. Automotive Masterpieces does not accept any liability for nor gives any explicit or implicit guarantees on the Connected Services of third parties, or the suppliers of such Services (also, for example, on the relative privacy practices). Automotive Masterpieces encourages the Member not to give personal data to Connected Services of third parties, unless they know them and trust the party with which they are interacting.

12. Disputes between Members

The responsibility for exchanges with other Users of Automotive Masterpieces, third party developers and other parties with whom the Member interacts through the Automotive Masterpieces Services and/or the Connected Services is exclusively that of the individual Member. Automotive Masterpieces reserves the right, but does not have any obligation, to intervene in any way in such disputes.

13. Disputes and exclusive jurisdiction

Any complaint or dispute between Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. and the User that may arise on the interpretation, application and performance of these General Conditions of the Contract shall only be subject to Italian law, the relevant court being the Court of Genoa. The User therefore accepts submission to the exclusive jurisdiction of Italian law. Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. and the User agree to defer any disputes and disagreements that may arise between the parties on the interpretation and performance of this Contract exclusively to the Court of Genoa.

14. Privacy

The use of the Automotive Masterpieces services is subject to the Privacy policy, which becomes an integral part of this Contract by effect of this reference.



Write to the address below for any questions in relation to this Contract: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The data controller is Marco Gandino.



Genova, 16 June 2017

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