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Entry fees

The User recognises that Automotive Masterpieces has the right to demand a payment for its services and to vary the amount of any payment or renewal when it considers opportune and at its discretion. If Automotive Masterpieces revokes the membership following a breach of this Contract by the Member, s/he shall not have the right to reimbursement of the part not used of (any) payments made. 


The project is based on the following fees:

Euro 1000 + VAT if due (1st year on line) - advance payment at the beginning of the work

- Form fill out and website creation

- 1st year historical research consultancy 

- 1st year car included among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES  

- Participation at exhibitions lab 


Euro 150 + VAT if due (Renewal from the 2nd year onwards) - from 2018.

- Maintaining car’s web site

- Updating car's events

- Continuation of historical research consultancy

- Participation at exhibitions lab 


Non-mandatory quotation services following quotation:

- Scanning documents of the car

- Photo shooting of the car

- Dossier paper of the car


- Rights of the photos, videos and documents with copyrights


Fees imply the presence of sponsors and banner ads.


For collectors who wish to enter the data autonomously, first year fees will be half and no historical research is provided.


In-line, adequate sponsors shall be sought for every websites and virtual exhibitions who shall assist Automotive Masterpieces to cover the costs of technology, the curators, the graphics, promotion and management of the project.


For collectors who ho do not wish the presence of sponsors ads or banners, fees will be doubled.  


Automotive Masterpieces S.r.l. signs co-operation agreements with car manufacturers, bodybuilders, museums, dealers and auction houses which provide for different payments and agreements.

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