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A cultural catalyst to promote the collective enjoyment of the heritage of the motor vehicle and historical research for pleasure, learning or work. AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® is a facilitator of innovation and change.


What really makes a difference is that it’s possible to focus on cars that  still exist, not simply a dry list of cars that have often disappeared, but a true living group made up of real AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES.


The goal is to trace the history of all specific chassis numbers through a dedicated website.


With the websites and the survey completed, to celebrate specific themes and anniversaries through dedicated books, book series, exhibitions, virtual exhibitions and summits.


The future: What will happen to these Automotive Masterpieces in fifty, a hundred, a thousand years? What about the heritage of the motor vehicle and the world around it? It’s important to begin now to work on a real dialogue between museums and collections. It is important to start thinking not territorially but focusing on the goal. Creating and sharing a vision of the future is of the utmost importance. Not protectionism, therefore, but greater attention to the cars that represent the countries that produced them.


How the project works:


  • Collaborating with collectors, collections, museums, archives, libraries, manufacturers, coachbuilders and associations. We are open to working with anyone willing to contribute data and enthusiasm to make the survey sustainable,
  • Encouraging and supporting the digitalization of more masterpieces,
  • Bringing masterpieces, whose information has already been digitalized, into the portal,
  • Making the motoring heritage available through the web portal,
  • Creating new ways for people to engage with their motoring heritage,
  • The project could not exist or develop without the help and support of its many contributors: historians, experts, journalists, registers, clubs and partners. Nor without the help of motoring heritage lovers. They join the project for a wide range of reasons, the key being sharing knowledge.

Objects that teach us to look at history in a new way and with a renewed language, man made objects that have made or been part of history.


Eligible Categories:


A. Concept and show cars
B. Prototypes
C. One-off models
D. Remaining cars from extremely limited production runs
E. Historic event cars: cars made famous by taking part in historic rallies, competitions, races, concourse, motor shows, etc.
F. Cars owned by famous people: cars belonging to famous drivers, actors, industrialists, politicians, aristocrats, sportsmen, artists, etc.
G. Team cars
H. Works cars
I. Press cars
J. Movie cars (cars that have appeared in films or TV series)
K. Famous chassis' cars (cars with the first or last chassis number and/or the earliest surviving or most recently built example remaining of a particular model)
L. Limited edition cars (less than 300 units built or remaining)

We love the heritage of the car and we couldn’t conceive of undertaking our activity and its philosophy without starting from Historical Research. Everywhere, in these pages, you will find references to historical research. But we go a step further to reach a higher level of research, going deeper and deeper in our search,  maintaining the maximum accuracy and transparency.


Historical research  is our “core activity”, the fulcrum and the basis on which to create tools that we are in the process of developing or those that we propose to develop: reports, websites, books, exhibitions, summits - means of extending and sharing the knowledge acquired through research.

Questions and answers on tracing the story of a car and engaging with the project.


Why this challenge?

  • It is a challenging task which no one had the means of undertaking before: a project able to make a real difference to our current understanding of motoring heritage.
  • Until now, no one has tried to digitalize and bring together the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES outside a few specific registers, model books and specialist research.
  • We now have the tools available to create an all-embracing archive, based on in-depth analysis and cross-referencing.
  • The vision and the methodology is to go further: deepen the historical research and not stop on the surface.

Why is it important to trace the historical continuity of a car?


  • As happens with any work of art or any important human artifact it’s important to historically align the facts or investigate where facts are missing, to confirm the genuineness of the object itself and/or its changes over time due to life, history and unexpected events!
  • This is important both for the car itself and for the story it has taken part in.
  • AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES takes great care to undertake accurate historical research.
  • The work starts from the documentation in the possession of the collector and continues tracing the entire history of the car.

Why your car deserves to be counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES?


  • To trace its history, and to improve the information in your possession.
  • To be counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES along with the cars of the same brand, designed by the same individual, perhaps once possessed by the same owner, or having taken part in the same events.
  • To give your vehicle further historical and collectible value.
  • A published car, when brought to the web, is not just information provided but can bring out further information. People can help find information and then post it to the site.

Why our approach?


  • For the quality and objectivity of the results.
  • Being meticulous in the research and precise in the sharing of the data is of the utmost importance:
    o for the cars that arrived untouched by age.
    o for cars with adventurous lives, many changes in livery, shape and structure.
  • Special attention is given to exhibitions in motor shows and the participation in the most important races and concourse but research also extends to lesser-known owners and less significant events with the aim of giving the most complete historical continuity to the car.

Why engage with the project?


  • Because you believe in our “Manifesto” proposal and ideas.
  • AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® unites all those who have a stake in the project to ensure an effective dialogue between the owners of cars (collectors, collections, museums, manufacturers and coachbuilders) and other contributors at both a strategic and practical level.
  • AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES aggregates these contributions and serves as a bridge between them and the owners. Project contributors are partners who have joined a project exhibition with a specific theme and purpose. AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® objective is to create strong partnerships and support a growing number of contributors.
  • We share knowledge, both contributing and receiving.
  • In this way we take advantage of and expand knowledge.
  • AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® has the cultural mission to ‘work together to tell the story of motoring heritage’.

The websites contain detailed series information about the cars, full technical details, together with an accurate history, list of previous owners, present and period photos, pre-restoration, restoration, present day videos, press reviews and all available useful data. There are also useful lists: all the events the car has attended, both past and present, such as concourses, races, shows.

The website information is available in English and is continually updated in both content and technology.


Each owner can constantly update and improve the website dedicated to the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECE in their possession, submitting the modifications to the team each time they do so.

Of course  owners, if they wish, can preserve their anonymity or promote their museum or collection.

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® is not a stiff, lifeless directory. On the contrary: it is a living thing, managed through a well-structured and complete portal, set to become a benchmark.

A smart search engine will allow users to find every AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECE quickly, matching the most varied data.

As written in the “Manifesto”, we believe in the power of working together and the simplest example is this: when having several “works in progress”, for purely practical reasons the most highly advantaged projects will, inevitably, be those which enjoy the greatest participation, external contributions and interlocutors.


The Exhibition Lab is a means to encourage those with particular interests in a theme, a car, a brand or so on to explore its history, to share their knowledge, to show it and discover more through dedicated books. 


To participate.

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