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April 11, 2016

Bellini/Tiberti won the 9th Franciacorta Historic on a 1938 Fiat 508 C

Edoardo Bellini and Roberto Tiberti(born respectively in 1994 and 1981) have deserved the victory, taking the lead from the first PCs in Castrezzato and increasing PC after PC their advantage over rivals that have quickly surrended to the FM Franciacorta duo,able to close the race at 213 total penalties and under 3 cents average,exploit hardly succeeded in the past in a race - according to most - very demanding in terms of navigation and in the PCs rhythm that did not allow the slightest distraction.For them the satisfaction of receiving theTrophy UBI Banco di Brescia, reserved to the overall winners.


The ninth edition of the spring race goes in archive with87 cars at the start, many Top Drivers and beautiful carsthat made a great spectacle along the fascinating route of 130 km through the most beautiful streets of Franciacorta.


Among the many rare cars, there were two cars already counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES:


♦ 1926 Amilcar CGSS sn: 41097


A rare Manx version bodied by Boone & Porter in UK.


♦ 1927 B.N.C. Type 527 Sport Monza sn: 27082


One of the four cars bodied by Duval in Sports conformation.


♦ 1929 Riley 9 HP Brooklands Speed Model sn: 60/19


It ran the 1928 and 1929 Tourist Trophies driven by Edgar Maclure.


Entered but not ran:


♦ 1929 Lancia Lambda Spider 8a Serie Tipo Corsto sn: 20483

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