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work in progress exhibitions lab

Welcome to the work in progress exhibitions lab keeping you up-to-date with behind-the-scenes research at AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab®. Our project is to create 3D virtual exhibitions to celebrate anniversaries and specific themes, with the aim to turn them - at least in part - into real exhibitions.

We're running a ten-year plan but we can't do it alone! We need the input of the manufacturers, the coachbuilders, the museums, the collections, the collectors, the experts, the historians, the organizer and, of course, the millions of motoring heritage lovers out there. The names of the exhibitions are provisional. The first 3D virtual exhibition will be held in 2018. 

It is important to begin to work on an exhibition to be held some time in the future.
For each car there will be the opportunity to be exhibited in many exhibitions.
We welcome your thoughts and comments!

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