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What information can be found on the websites of the cars and on the portal?

The websites contain detailed series information about the cars, full technical details, together with an accurate history, list of previous owners, photos - period, pre-restoration, restoration, present day - videos, press reviews and all the useful available data. There is also a useful list: all the events the car has attended, both past and present times, such as concours, races, shows.
Every owner can constantly update and improve the website dedicated to every single AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECE in his possession, submitting the modifications to the commission each time he does so.
Of course every owner, if necessary, can preserve his anonymity or promote his museum or collection.

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® is not a stiff, lifeless directory. On the contrary: it is a living being, managed through a well-structured and complete portal, set to become a benchmark.
The portal will become a virtual showcase of everything that matters in the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES world: news, events all around the world, museums, exhibitions, modern bespoke cars from the most prestigious Brands and also a section dedicated to cars looking for a lucky new owner, in collaboration with the main auction houses and top level car sellers.
A smart search engine will allow users to find every AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES quickly, matching the most varied data.

The portal will allow all the members to interact in a sort of social platform. Everything starts by becoming a «friend» of a car - this meaning that an associate really appreciates a specific car and shows this by asking for friendship. From then on owners can communicate and share information, news, opinions about that car and about their passions for outstanding AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES in general.

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