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What is the exhibitions lab?

Where Automotive Masterpieces peaks is in its Exhibitions Lab, the project that enables the website created for each vehicle to be used, employing a number of elements, to discover the anniversaries of the brand, the model, the coachwork, races, events and a lot more besides, all related to that specific masterpiece. Every one of those elements refers to further web pages that group the listed cars together by a given set of topics or categories. As a result, the Exhibitions Lab becomes the channel through which the listings drawn up by Automotive Masterpieces multiply into the thousands and become easy to consult. Of particular interest is the information about when and where each vehicle took part in races and events, from the smallest and least known to the major competitions.

Each issue is then developed and expanded – according to the historical value and importance of the cars listed – using real exhibitions and virtual exhibitions and writing monographic essays.

The project also has a marked social connotation, since it is based on the principle of sharing knowledge between its users (who are registered and subjected to detailed checks by the staff at Automotive Masterpieces), who can collaborate and add information that will help further studies and historical research, promoting a real automotive culture.

The thing that really makes a difference is that it will be possible to focus on cars that actually still exist, not just a dead list of cars that have often disappeared but a true living group made up of real, AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES.

We can't do it alone! We need the input of the manufacturers, the coachbuilders, the museums, the collections, the collectors, the experts, the historians, the organizer and, of course, the millions of motoring heritage lovers out there.
We welcome your thoughts and comments!

Some groups of cars:
A. Concept and show cars
B. Prototypes
C. One-off models
D. The remaining cars from extremely limited productions
E. Historic event cars: special exhibitions dedicated to cars made famous by taking part in historical rallies, competitions, races, concours, motor shows, etc.
F. Cars owned by the famous: special exhibitions dedicated to cars belonging to famous drivers, actors, actress, industrialists, politicians, aristocrats, sportsmen, etc.
G. Team cars
H. Works cars
I. Press cars
J. Movie cars (cars that have appeared in films or TV series)
K. Famous chassis' cars (cars with the first or last chassis number and/or the earliest surviving or most recently built example remaining of a particular model)
L. Limited edition cars (less than 300 units built or remained)

Coachbuilders: particular focus on all coachbuilders through specific virtual exhibitions designed to tell the story of each company, launched on the anniversaries of the founding date. The exhibitions could also see by brand, period or country.
Car Manufacturers: a special tribute will be to all Marques, launched on the anniversaries of the founding date.
Car Models: dedicated exhibitions will be organize for iconic models through cars meeting the eligible criteria, launched on the anniversaries of the motor shows debuts.
Car Bodies: dedicated exhibitions will be organize for saloons, coupés, spiders, cabriolets, Gran Turismo, barchettas, station wagons, shooting breakers, formula, etc. but also cars built for specific purposes such as promotions or sea cars.
Car Power: dedicated exhibitions for cars grouped by capacities, horse power, cylinders or alternative power, such as steam, solar, turbine or electric.
Car Eras: virtual exhibitions for cars gather together by eras: early automobiles, veteran, brass, vintage, pre WWII , post-war, modern, contemporary.

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