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How to submit cars to the commission?

To submit a car in the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab® needs a little work but we are sure this can be a pleasure for a committed car owners. Have you gathered together a lot of material on your cherished rare car? Well... this is the right moment to retrieve it!

We will be happy to collect all the information and create the website of your car for you. If necessary we can digitize printed materials, and improve the information through further historical research.

If you prefer to go by himself to create the website of your car or get it doneto a person in charge of you, that's what you need to do.

The early stage is up to you: to collect and upload all the necessary info, data, material, pictures.
Further on in the project portal you will see the exact process involved in allowing a car to be part of the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab®. Here we want to summarise and highlight the main steps.
The first thing to do is to sign up and get a username and a password.
Then the real work will start. Of course if you have an employee or a secretary managing your car collection he/she could do the job for you. We would be happy to do all the work, charging only for the effective time we would spend on it.
We are also always happy to have a look at a sample of your data and give recommendations as to how to improve it before you fill in the form.
The first thing needed is all the basic information about the car: year, make, model, coachbuilder when present, chassis number. But that's just the beginning. The interesting part is to provide all the data and materials that make up the car's history and its uniqueness. You will see: the form is well structured and easy to navigate. Here it's up to you: data, pictures (period pics, pre-restoration, restoration, present day pics), videos, interesting history details, previous and any famous owners, participation in period and current events (from races to concours).

In short: the more detailed information you add, the richer the website dedicated to your car will be.
The work needed will be rewarded: your car will be displayed in such a complete and entertaining way that it will become still more appreciated and desired...
After your car has been accepted, it can be counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES.

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