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2025: 120th Anniversary of the birth of Lester Lum 'Tex' Colbert (1905-1995)

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From: June 13, 2025
To: December 13, 2025
1 car is counted for this anniversary

Lester Lum Colbert whose nickname was Tex was a president and chairman of the Chrysler Corporation.
As a lawyer in the New York firm of Larkin, Rathbone & Perry, Mr. Colbert impressed a client, Walter P. Chrysler, who was the head of the automobile company. Mr. Chrysler sent Mr. Colbert to Detroit in 1933, where he joined Mr. K. T. Keller's executive staff and worked on labor issues for 10 years. In 1943, Mr. Colbert was appointed general manager of Chrysler's big Dodge division factory in Chicago. After the war, he was promoted to head of the Dodge division.
Mr. Colbert, succeeded K. T. Keller as president of Chrysler in 1950. He covered that role until April 1960 and then again from June 1960 to July 1961.


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