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2019: 110th Anniversary of the birth of Antonio Fontebasso (1909-1957)

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From: November 21, 2019
To: May 21, 2020
1 car is counted for this anniversary

Antonio Primo Fontebasso founded his mechanic workshop in Nervesa (Treviso). He upraded some cars and ran few races in Italy before he decided to emigrate to Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil) in 1950. There he founded a small mechanic workshop and in 1953 he became partner of the famous Randon brothers with the idea of the production of air brakes for trailers. The Meccanica Randon Ltda was founded but two years later Fontebasso fell ill and withdrew from the company. In 1955 he became the winner of 1500cc category together the driver Gabriel Cucchiarelli. He founded the Mecânica e Indústria Fontebasso Ltda but he died in 1957.


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