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Chassis no. THPNNG06114 - Engine no. 05602
Coachbuilder: Ghia
Categories: A- Concept and show cars; B- Prototypes; C- One-off models; E- Historic event cars
Owner: Collezione Lopresto (Italy)
One-off designed by Tom Tjaarda in 1973, as a prototype and showcar remplacement for the Ford Pantera L.
Conceived as an up-to date version of the Pantera L of 1971, the 7X Pantera II took up the technical and styling peculiarities of the Pantera L though di not maintain any of its bodywork panels, except for the doors. The car, designed by Tom Tjaarda at the initiative of Don DeLa Rossa, at the time chairman of Ghia S.p.A., was assembled by hand at Vignale workshop (which Ghia had acquired in 1969) aiming at re-proposing the well-known supercar in the US market from May 1974, when the Pantera operation was transferred by Ford to De Tomaso. With this new identity, supplemented by the word Montella, the car was displayed at the main American Motor Shows in spring 1974 and then was sold to the Sport Cart Exchange, Birmingham, Michigan in 1980. In January 1981, it passed to Frederick T. Hamm for USD 38,000, who bequeathed it to his heirs in July 2006, when the car's total covered distance was about 30,000 km. The Ford 351C V8 5.7-litre engine underwent some improvements (timing system, fuel supply and exhaust) if compared with the standard version Pantera produced in a limited number.
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history - owners & events
December 1973 - 1974
owner: Ford Motor Company | United States
23rd February 1974 - 3rd March 1974
Chicago Auto Show
| Chicago | United States
1974 - 1980
owner: Don De La Rossa | United States
April 1974
Detroit Auto Show
| Detroit | United States
17th May 1974 - 27th May 1974
Los Angeles Auto Expo
| Los Angeles | United States
1980 - 1981
owner: Sport Car Exchange | United States
Italian Happening
| Detroit (Michigan) | United States
Cars and Concepts Auto Expo
| Detroit (Michigan) | United States
1981 - July 2006
owner: Frederick T. Hamm | United States
price: 38,000 dollars
Sloan Museum Summer Fair
| Flint (Michigan) | United States

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