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Chassis no. 1403GT - Engine no.
Coachbuilder: Pinin Farina
Categories: F- Cars owned by the famous; L- Limited edition cars (no. 353 manufactured)
Owner: Museo Ferrari (Italy)
A significant model for the history of Ferrari, which is part of the company collection. It is estimated only half of the original 353 survive.
Enzo Ferrari asked Pinin Farina to design an elegant 250 GT Coupe follow-up to the well-received 250 GT Boano and Ellena in the late 1950s and replaced the 250 Europa which was also a Pinin Farina design.
Pinin Farina created a grand touring car with a distinctive style that would mark the face of Ferrari for years to come. The new model lost the fastback design for a more stately 'notch back' look, the conventional lines are well proportioned and make an excellent cabriolet-with-hardtop side profile thanks also to the lack of three-quarter windows. The oval grille was replaced by a more traditional long narrow look with jutting headlights.
It was introduced at Milan in 1958.
Pininfarina's Grugliasco plant expanded and now had the capacity to produce the new car.
This Coupe was Ferrari's first series production model and represented a milestone for the company and confirmed a significant change in Ferrari's preferred coachbuilder, from Vignale to Pinin Farina.
353 examples were built between 1958 and 1960 within the sequence '0841' to '2081'.
The comparatively small scale of production has ensured that the car could still be ordered with subtle changes depending on the customer's choice and typically pre-sold.
Power came from 2953cc Colombo V12 which was essentially a detuned version of the race-winning competition unit. Attached were three twin choke Weber 36 downdraught carburettors that were good for 240bhp, 150mph and a zero to sixty time of 6.7 seconds. It was among the fastest GT cars of its era.
On the chassis side, four-wheel disc brakes arrived late in 1959 and a four-speeds-plus-overdrive gearbox the following year.
Seeking to promote the 250 GT Coupe as a tourer, Ferrari included luxurious leather trim, sound deadening, thick carpeting, and a sophisticated climate control system.
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6th December 2014 - 14th December 2014
Motorshow Bologna
| Bologna | Italy
18th February 2015
Enzo Ferrari incontra Luciano Pavarotti
| Modena (MO) | Italy

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