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Chassis no. AR1900*15806 - Engine no. AR1306*16941
Coachbuilder: Boano
Categories: L- Limited edition cars (no. 300 manufactured)
Owner: Private Collection
It is believed to be a rare first series and one of the very few 1900 Primavera survived today.
In May 1950, a new Alfa Romeo model was shown in Turin, but its public debut was made at Paris in October of that year. The Alfa Romeo 1900 was built from 1950 to 1959 and was the company's first entirely new post-war design. Designed by Orazio Satta, it was an important development for Alfa Romeo as the marque's first car built entirely on a production line and from this time high standard mass production really started at Portello. It was the first production car without a separate chassis and the first Alfa Romeo offered with left-hand drive.
It was fitted with an 1884cc engine and other breaks with tradition were the use of a chain-driven twin overhead camshaft engine with only four cylinders, the suspension of the car and the adoption of left-hand steering, though right-hand steering was made available. The cylinder dimensions were 82.55 x 88mm (1,884cc), and the chain-drivencamshafts operated valves whose clearances were adjusted by the traditional method used on all previous OHC Alfa Romeos. The 1900 Berlina, a 4 door sedan, was the only model in the new series until the introduction of the 1900C coupe in 1951 and the TI sedan in 1952 and was fitted with a 1.9L engine delivering 90 hp and reaching a top speed of 171 km/h. In 1954 the displacement increases from 1,884 cc to 1,975 cc, while the power the saloon Super to 100cv and that of Super Sprint to 115. The saloon is called "Super", the boosted saloon "Super TI", the coupe with the adoption of a pair of two-barrel carburetors "Super Sprint".

Iginio Alessio, then general manager of Alfa Romeo, was concerned for the viability of the independent Italian Coachbuilding industry–the avant of the unibody chassis design was threatening to put the carrozzerie out of business. The 1900 chassis was used by many coachbuilders to their designs for one-offs or small series production.

In 1953, Mario Felice Boano sold Ghia to Segre and in 1954 started his own firm. Boano managed his firm, in conjunction with his son, Gian Paolo, until the end of 1957. In this period of time, between 1955 and 1957, the Turin Coachbuilder Boano built the Primavera (Spring) two-door saloon.

The body of this coupé was built on a chassis of the 1900 Super Saloon, a completely new coachwork was done without changing the wheelbase of the four-door. At a first glance, the front and the roofline seem similar but instead are different. For example, the contours of the Primavera are much more pronounced, the front and rear wings sit higher and are more eye-catchingly styled, and even the bonnet is of a different shape from that of the Berlina. The new car was offered as coupé although front bench seat, steering wheel-mounted gearshift, interior space and luggage compartment were comparable to the four-door. Both front side windows without frames and rear side windows can disappear right down.

The mechanical basis for the Primavera is the 1900 Super. Alfa Romeo nevertheless included the model in its official catalogue and distributed it through its own dealer network. At 2,595,000 lire, the retail price was still 300,000 lire above the price of the 1900 Super.

The Alfa Romeo 1900 Primavera production figures were as follows: 1955 4 cars, 1956 286 cars, 1957 10 cars. Few changes were made to the body after a short period in production, reference is made to the first and second series. It is believed that after 13 cars the body design was changed.
The most visible change is the positioning of the moldings. A continuous side trim strip, from the lights through the wings, is replaced by a version that is angular in the sections and outlines the two-tone paint. The rear bumper is now in one piece, in place of the previous one that was in three pieces, and some details on the dashboard have been modified. Overall, these changes result in a resemblance to the 1900 Super Saloon.

In 1957, Boano transferred his company to his son-in-law, Ezio Ellena, (husband of Gian Paolo’s sister) who took over with his old partner Luciano Pollo. Then, in 1957, Boano was hired as the head of FIAT Centro Stile.

Chassis AR1900*15806 is believed to be still a first series. This chassis number corresponds to the production of early 1956 and the body has a color scheme and moldings typical of the first series. In any case, there are very few 1900 Primavera survived today.
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history - owners & events
7th May 1956 - 9th April 1988
owner: Giovanni Nigro | Italy
price: Lire 2.599.500
19th March 2016 - 20th March 2016
Concours d'Elégance Trofeo Salvarola Terme
| Salvarola Terme | Italy
driver: Giuseppe Ghedini
entry number: 12

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