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Chassis no. 1151 - Engine no. 1509
Coachbuilder: Morelli
Categories: E- Historic event cars; F- Cars owned by the famous; G- Team cars; H- Works cars; L- Limited edition cars (no. 80 manufactured)
Owner: Private Collection
The official car of Louis Chiron at Carrera Panamerica 1954 and Giulio Cabianca at Mille Miglia 1956.
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In 1937 the three surviving Maserati brothers sold out to the Orsi Group and after WW2 founded Officine Specializzate per la Costruzione Automobili Fratelli Maserati – O.S.C.A. for short – to build limited edition competition cars. The Maserati brothers were real racers, and their little O.S.C.A.s were real racing cars, the ultimate expressions of a long line of outstanding cars that bore their name, beginning in 1926. Under the acronym O.S.C.A. were three far more significant words: fratelli Maserati Bologna.

O.S.C.A.'s first automobile was the MT4, for Maserati Tipo 4 cilindri and over the next eight years it was developed into the most successful under-1500 cc sports/racing car in the world. The chassis followed the lines of their A6GCS Maserati (the last model they designed before leaving the Maserati factory): a frame of 2½-inch tubes, at the front of which were attached upper and lower A-arms of unequal length with coil springs compressed from the bottom A-arms, a roll bar clamped to each of the top A-arms and telescopic shocks mounted just aft of and parallel to the coil springs. At the rear, half-elliptic leaf springs were slung below the live axle with telescopic shocks mounted vertically at each side. The 1092 cc engine had a FIAT-derived block, alloy head, and the bodywork was built as a two-seater barchetta. The MT4 first raced in 1948 at the Pescara Circuit and the Grand Prix of Naples, where it was driven to a win by Luigi Villoresi. The brothers soon created their own aluminum-block engine design with twin cams, a true racing powerplant that started at 1342 cc, grew to 1453 cc, and then finally to the twin-ignition 1491-cc variant. O.S.C.A. fit seven different versions of their alloy Inline-4 engine into the MT4, and all fell below the 1.5 liter mark.
Of the some 200 cars produced, perhaps 80 were MT4s, and of the MT4s, records show 40 barchettas with Morelli of Ferrara bodies.
The MT4 was OSCA's most prolific model, but the company also produced a variety of models in both single and two-seat configuration, fitted with four, six, and even twelve-cylinder engines from 750 cc to 4500 cc in displacement.

This O.S.C.A. MT4 was the official car for the French racing car driver Louis Chiron in the Carrera Panamericana of 1954. He came in third in his class. It was sold in early 1955 to Giulio Cabianca, from Verona, who came in sixth in his class in the Giro di Sicilia, withdrew from the Mille Miglia, and finally came first in its class in the Circuito del Mugello, an overall second. In that year the car also came third overall, second in its class in the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti in the Italian Alps. Morelli redid the body during the winter to look like the 1956 model. And in the Mille Miglia of 1956 it came first in its class, beating Porsche. It is highly probable that this is the car that took Cabianca to triumph in the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti and the Giro delle Calabrie as both first places overall were won by Cabianca. 
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history - owners & events
1st October 1954 - 19th September 1955
owner: Luis Chiron | Monaco
19th November 1954 - 23rd November 1954
Carrera Panamericana
| Mexico
driver: Luis Chiron
co-driver: Robert Delpech
entry number: 54
3rd April 1955 - 5th April 1955
Giro di Sicilia
| Italy
driver: Giulio Cabianca
entry number: 409
30th April 1955 - 1st May 1955
Mille Miglia
| Brescia - Roma - Brescia | Italy
driver: Giulio Cabianca
entry number: 546
10th July 1955
Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti
| Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) | Italy
driver: Giulio Cabianca
entry number: 141
19th September 1955 - 1956
owner: Giulio Cabianca | Italy
28th April 1956 - 29th April 1956
Mille Miglia
| Brescia - Roma - Brescia | Italy
driver: Giulio Cabianca
entry number: 428
10th June 1956
Targa Florio
| Palermo (pa) | Italy
driver: Giulio Cabianca
co-driver: Luigi Villoresi
entry number: 86
owner: Scuderia Arena | Italy
1957 - 1964
owner: Domenico Lo Coco | Italy

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