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Chassis no. BT006 - Engine no. 131799
Coachbuilder: Meccanica Taraschi
Categories: D- The remaining cars from extremely limited productions 48 made; E- Historic event cars; F- Cars owned by the famous; G- Team cars; L- Limited edition cars
Owner: Private Collection
Owned and raced by Maria Teresa De Filippis. With Luigi Musso at the 1952 Mille Miglia. With Giuseppe Sapienza at the 1955 Targa Florio.
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Italy is a land of motors, but when you think about it, you usually think to the area of Modena or Torino, no one thinks to Teramo, with no “car-minded” tradition, far from everywhere, a 5 hours driving from Roma with a good car after the war, in late 40s. But this didn’t scared Berardo Taraschi, a racer that decided to build his own race car, right in Teramo. Stubborn as the cliché wants the people of Abruzzo, he struggles to find anything, often using the wide availability of war surplus. In 1947 Berardo begins building sports and competition cars under the name Urania, using the BMW motorcycle engine.
Following some racing success, Taraschi had struck a deal with Domenico and Attilio Giannini whereby they would provide him with their own powerful Giannini engines. The contraction of GIAnnini and URania led to a new Italian marque known as Giaur and the resulting cars were truly wonderful. In the same period Giaur was also a name of a famous race-winner horse.
The car was built with a tubular chassis by Meccanica Taraschi and was fitted with the G1 engine by Giannini. It was a single overhead cam, derived from the Fiat Topolino unit, whereas the later G2 engine had twin overhead cams.  The result of this merge was a terribly effective car and brought Taraschi himself and lots of racers to continue victories.
Over a 15 year period from 1947 to 1961, Berardo Taraschi built in its workshop, 118 small capacity racing cars, including at least 63 Formula Junior.

Giaur chassis BT-006 was completed in 1950 and sold new to the, now famous Maria Teresa De Filippis. The first woman challenging later in a F1 race, drove the car to a huge number of races in Italy from 1950 to 1952. “Pilotino” (her surname) left the wheel to her fiancé at the time, the champ Luigi Musso, for the Mille Miglia of 1952.
BT-006 went then into the hands of the driver Giuseppe Sapienza that brought it to major southern events like the Giro di Sicilia and the Targa Florio.
In recent times, around 2009, BT-006 underwent a complete restoration and is now shown and driven in perfect condition to major historic events, with a standard Fiat engine unit on it, while searching for “the Graal”: a rare original Giannini G-1 engine.
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history - owners & events
20th July 1950 - 23rd February 1953
owner: Maria Teresa De Filippis | Italy
8th October 1950
Circuito di Modena
| Modena | Italy
driver: Maria Teresa De Filippis
entry number: 56
30th September 1951
Vermicino - Rocca di Papa - Coppa Gallenga
| Roma | Italy
driver: Maria Teresa De Filippis
24th June 1951
Coppa Ascoli
| Ascoli Piceno | Italy
driver: Maria Teresa De Filippis
17th June 1951
Circuito del Castello
| Teramo | Italy
driver: Maria Teresa De Filippis
3rd April 1952 - 4th April 1952
Mille Miglia
| Brescia-Roma-Brescia | Italy
driver: Luigi Musso
entry number: 2330
31st August 1952
Gran Criterium Vetturette
| Chieti | Italy
driver: Maria Teresa De Filippis
12th April 1953
Giro di Sicilia
| Palermo-Trapani-Palermo | Italy
driver: Giuseppe Sapienza
entry number: 214
16th October 1955
Targa Florio
| Circuito delle Madonie Piccolo | Italy
driver: Giuseppe Sapienza
co-driver: Mario Piccolo
entry number: 50
5th May 2017 - 31st December 2017
2017: 90 anni, 1000 Miglia.
| Brescia | Italy

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