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Chassis no. 008850 - Engine no. 008850
Coachbuilder: Motto
Categories: E- Historic event cars; F- Cars owned by the famous; G- Team cars; L- Limited edition cars (no. 2 remaining of no. 2 manufactured, no. 1st built)
Owner: Private Collection
It ran the 1950 Mille Miglia #552 Ugo Puma/Robert Delpech and several races in Sicily.
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It's important to point out the name Fiat-Ermini depends of the new CSAI regulations requiring to register all cars, in this way prohibiting to call them with his own name, unless dealing a costly test on mechanical parts that composed the car.
This was the reason because until 1951 all cars realized in the Ermini workshop were registered with the name of Fiat-Ermini using the name of the famous Turin manufacturer who indirectly gave some mechanical parts. All the engines built by Ermini, including the model with the Fiat 1100 engine block, have a double overhead camshaft (DOHC). There have never been Erminis or "motorizzate" Ermini with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC).

In 1950 Ermini, encouraged by good results and the economic income, commissioned to Gilco in Milan a lowered tubular chassis with an oval section to make its cars more competitive.
In 1950 CSAI new rules imposed the use of 80 octane petrol thus undermining the competition of Cisitalia-Abarth and the Fiat-Stanguellini, which until the previous year had used special alcohol mixture to enhance their engines and now couldn't compete to the power of Fiat-Ermini engine. The results will come soon. By the end of the year three cars were built equipped by tubular Gilco chassis. Two torpedo (Siluro) shape and one Berlinetta bodied by Motto Torino.

Chassis 008850 (office number) is one of two Siluro bodied by Motto in 1950 and the 7h car built by Ermini. It was owned from 1950 to 1951 by the driver Elio Checcacci and from 1951 until 1964 by Angelo Lo Monaco. It debuted at 1950 Targa Florio - Giro di Sicilia with the crew Checcacci - Pugi (48th OA and 16th in class). In 1950 both Ermini Siluro bodied by Motto ran the Mille Miglia. This is the car with number 552 and the team Ugo Puma - Robert Delpech (DNF). Lo Monaco driven this Fiat Ermini in several Targa Florio, Giro di Sicilia and other races in Sicily.
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history - owners & events
2nd April 1950 - 3rd April 1950
Targa Florio - Giro di Sicilia
| Italy
driver: Elio Checcacci
co-driver: Valerio Pugi
entry number: 337
23rd April 1950
Mille Miglia
| Brescia - Roma - Brescia | Italy
driver: Ugo Puma
co-driver: Robert Delpech
entry number: 552
4th June 1950
Coppa della Toscana
| Firenze | Italy
driver: Ugo Puma
co-driver: Valerio Pugi
entry number: 1144
16th June 1950 - 8th March 1951
owner: Elio Checcacci | Italy
price: Lire 500.000
3rd September 1950
Gran Criterium 1100 Coppa Dante Spreafico
| Monza | Italy
driver: Ugo Puma
entry number: 62
8th March 1951 - 21st August 1964
owner: Angelo Lo Monaco | Italy
price: Lire 500.000
10th March 1951
Coppa d'Oro Sicilia
| Siracusa | Italy
driver: Angelo Lo Monaco
1st April 1951 - 2nd April 1951
Giro di Sicilia
| Palermo | Italy
driver: Angelo Lo Monaco
co-driver: Ignazio Lo Monaco
entry number: 314
10th June 1951
Palermo - Monte Pellegrino
| Palermo | Italy
driver: Angelo Lo Monaco
entry number: 74
29th June 1952
Targa Florio
| Cerda | Italy
driver: Angelo Lo Monaco
entry number: 94

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