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Chassis no. CS01107 - Engine no. CS1106
Coachbuilder: Motto
Categories: C- One-off models; E- Historic event cars; F- Cars owned by the famous; H- Works cars; J- Movie cars; L- Limited edition cars (no. 25 manufactured, no. 7 built)
Owner: Private Collection
history - owners & events
9th April 1948
event: Built | country: Italy

2nd - 3rd May 1948
event: Mille Miglia | city: Brescia-Roma-Brescia | country: Italy

The car had an accident. Co-driver De Minicis had to be transported to the next hospital in Rovigo.

driver: Ferdinando Bassi (Italy)

co-driver: Mario De Minicis (Italy)

entry number: 538

results/prizes: DNF
24th - 25th April 1949
event: Mille Miglia | city: Brescia-Roma-Brescia | country: Italy

driver: Carlo Scagliarini (Italy)

co-driver: Giovanni Scagliarini (Italy)

entry number: 526

results/prizes: DNF
27th July 1949
22nd October 1952
owner: Aldo Bassi | country: Italy

owner's details:
Italian postwar Racing Driver. Died during the 1950 Mille Miglia on a Ferrari 166, he went off the road.

price: Lit. 1.200.000
15th August 1949
event: Circuito di Pescara | city: Pescara | country: Italy

driver: Aldo Bassi (Italy)

entry number: 54

results/prizes: DNF
30th October 1949
event: Gran Premio de Madrid | city: Madrid | country: Spain

driver: Aldo Bassi (Italy)

results/prizes: DNF
22nd - 30th October 1952
owner: Heirs: Rodondi Maria And Bassi Giovanni, Wife And Son. Bassi Aldo's | country: Italy

30th October 1952
owner: Francesco Montanari | country: Italy

Purchased on behalf of Supremo Montanari

price: Lit. 450.000
25th - 26th April 1953
event: Mille Miglia | city: Brescia-Roma-Brescia | country: Italy

Scuderia Sant'Ambroeus

driver: Cesare Maderna (Italy)

co-driver: Luigi Lesma (Italy)

entry number: 336

results/prizes: DNF
6th September 1953
event: Circuito Automobilistico Città di Sassari | city: Sassari | country: Italy

5th despite DNF at 19th lap. The race is also known as "Gran Premio di Sassari" and "Circuito di Platamona".

driver: Giardini (Italy)

results/prizes: 5th
16th February 2003
event: Ferrari (TV Movie) | country:

TV movie in two episodes, Carlo Carlei director

entry number: 248

owner: Private Collection | country:

4th May 2017
event: 2017: 90 anni, 1000 Miglia. | city: Brescia | country: Italy

Museo Mille Miglia


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