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Chassis no. 290996 - Engine no. 324347
Coachbuilder: Bertone
Categories: E- Historic event cars; L- Limited edition cars
Owner: Private Collection
It ran the Coppa Inter-Europa in 1951 and its engine was tuned-up by Giannini in 1954.
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At the end of WWII, the Modenese Vittorio Stanguellini returned to racing with unchanged energy and got to work on the new series of 1100 Sport National, which were raced by several drivers at the 1947 Italian Championship. During the season the 1100 Stanguellini obtained 10 overall and 37 class wins and Nuccio Bertone was one of these successful drivers. But the meeting between Bertone and Stanguellini also led to a business agreement with the birth of a small series of a lightweight “4-seater Berlinetta Special” or “Sport”. It was designed for Carrozzeria Bertone with ponton styling by Fabio Luigi Rapi. Bertone exhibited the first specimen at the 1947 Villa d'Este concours.
The Berlinetta was introduced with a Fiat 1100B chassis and a tipo 108 engine (the standard 32CV improved by Stanguellini to 43CV).
Later it was built on a Fiat 1100 E chassis and fitted with the 60 bhp Stanguellini 1100 engine.
Bertone bought the Fiat chassis, Stanguellini improved the engine in Modena and later Bertone made the body and fitted up the rest.
The Berlinetta was produced between 1947 and 1954, in two different versions with an alloy or steel body. Some Fiat 1500 6 cylinder and Lancia Aprilia were based on this model, built with a welded steel one-piece shell. The price in 1948 was 2.8 millions liras as like as a Lancia Aprilia Pininfarina cabriolet.
Thanks to the shape and to the weight it could compete with the Fiat 1100S (51CV) because it had a max speed of 150Km/h.

Chassis 290996 ran the Coppa Inter-Europa in 1951 and a special feature of this car is that in 1954 the Ditta F.lli Giannini in Rome gave the engine a tune-up, as confermed by the motgage indicated on the chronological documentation.
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history - owners & events
15th April 1951
Coppa Intereuropa
| Monza | Italy
entry number: 84
15th May 2013 - 19th May 2013
Mille Miglia
| Brescia - Rome - Brescia | Italy
driver: Gerardo Nardiello
co-driver: Franco Pampuri
entry number: 166
1st September 2013
Bobbio - Passo Penice
| Bobbio | Italy
driver: Dino Nardiello
23rd February 2014
Coppa della Lomellina
driver: Dino Nardiello
co-driver: Mauro Bonfante
entry number: 7
15th May 2014 - 18th May 2014
Mille Miglia
| Brescia - Rome - Brescia | Italy
driver: Gerardo Nardiello
co-driver: Mauro Bonfante
entry number: 165
10th May 2014
Raduno della Solidarietà
| Terme di Trescore Balneario | Italy
driver: Dino Nardiello
9th May 2015 - 10th May 2015
Circuito Automobilistico di Piacenza
| Piacenza (PC) | Italy
driver: Dino Nardiello
entry number: 26
10th April 2015 - 11th April 2015
Franciacorta Historic
| Casertano (BS) | Italy
driver: Gerardo Nardiello
co-driver: Manuela Grassi
entry number: 28

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